Bundles And Buying Direct

twostepshell One thing I love about the internet and what it allows creators to do has to be buying directly from the people I want to support. To that end, for my own fans, I’ve been using Payhip for the last few weeks to sell my e-books and audio books directly (or at least more directly than through Amazon/Smashwords). I get a much bigger slice of the pie, 95% instead of 35-70% depending on the price point). When you buy from me there you will get DRM free versions of my stories that are compatible with any e-reader. They give me the option of uploading samples and covers. It’s fairly bare bones, but I like it.

Last week I decided to try bundling through that service. Each “item” I sell through Payhip can have as many electronic files as I want up to one gig in size. With that in mind I uploaded three YA titles and four thriller titles as two separate bundles.

The thriller bundle includes four stories where people face inner and outer darkness:

“Bitter Release” – A young soldier finds himself trapped in a cave in with only a case of absinthe and his memories to keep him company. Will he escape or find his only release in the embrace of the green fairy?

“Let Go” – Faced with the atrocities he’s committed to keep his wife and son safe and provided for, Chris is forced into a bitter decision. He must find a way to let go of his family and move on. But in a world gone to hell, is there any other choice?

“Fetch” – Father Ian promised his parishioner to investigate a mysterious sighting at the nearby cemetery. When he does and finds nothing out of the ordinary, he arrives at the man’s house only to find him dead. Evil is roaming the Irish countryside and has its sights set on the good Father.

“Two Steps From Hell” – Laurent, a faerie sorcerer, lived for centuries. When it ended, instead of drifting into oblivion he awoke in Hell. After countless years of indescribable torment, a half-faerie half-human conjurer summons him to 21st century New Orleans. Laurent now has twenty-four hours to discover who used him as an unwilling murderer and to avoid a return to damnation.

The YA bundle includes:

“X Marks The Spot” – A young boy goes digging for treasure and finds more than he bargained for.

“Bobby and His Dragon” – Young Bobby sees a dragon in his back yard. Why is it there and can he catch it?

Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands – Ginnie Dare is the communications officer for her family’s space faring shipping company. They arrive at Eshu for a routine supply drop and discover that the entire settlement’s population has vanished. Their search of the site reveals nothing out of place, except the people, but ends in a tense confrontation with the natives. During the conflict, Ginnie discovers an alien artifact that may be the key to diffusing the conflict. Can she decode the artifact before it’s taken by the Sector Defense Force? Will it help them to discover the missing colony’s fate? Or, will the whole thing spark an interstellar war?

Both sell for $4.00.

I also put up a bundle that contains an e-book and audio version of “The Ocelot: With Power Comes Responsibility” for $1.49

Kayla Charney discovers that she’s different than the average teenage girl. Somehow she’s gained the strength, speed, and endurance that even top athletes would find amazing. What role did her parents play in them and how will she decide to use them?

I’ll continue to put out thematic bundles and audio/e-book packages. If you want to support me financially as a writer then this (and or becoming a patron over here) is an excellent way to do it. This is a good place for you to let me know what you think about this idea and how I can best get you the content you want to read.


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