New Anthology

I am pleased to announce that the science fiction anthology Down To Earth is finally available. This e-book, like it’s horror anthology predecessor Dead Ends, benefits The Office of Letters and Light. The OL&L organizes events where children and adults find the inspiration, encouragement, and structure they need to achieve their creative potential. I’m a big fan.

The anthology has six stories that, in my mind, represent the challenges humanity will face in futures where we return from the stars. Some challenges come as a result of the beings we find there as happens in “Ganymede Can Have Them” by Anne Stringer and “Welcome Home” by Drew Beatty. Others face obstacles unique to the offspring of Earthborn travellers like the characters in “Countdown To Goodbye” by AJ Maguire and “Heavy Gravity” by Ryan A. Span. Gordon Henderson in “Returning Home” by J. G. Langejeans returns from interstellar war only to have to fight himself a thousand times over. And Jules in “The Lab” by Katharina Bordet must cross more than space to get back home.

I want to thank these authors for bringing their unique visions to this anthology. It was a pleasure to read them and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They’re available from Amazon and Smashwords.


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