New Project Idea

This one’s WAAAAAY on the back burner, but here’s an idea. I’d like to create a ten to fifteen page book. Each page would have a sentence in English and Spanish, worked into an illustration. Each illustration would be a different artist. It would tell a very short story and would be intended as a reader for students who are ESL and are working on a second or third grade level.

This was born out of a conversation with my wife. She teaches seventh grade language arts. A large percentage of her students aren’t literate in their grade level in either English or Spanish. I think this would be a cool way for kids of any age to learn some vocabulary in the two languages.

The working title would be “The World Is Awesome”. Part of me is tempted to give it the “Go The F*** To Sleep” treatment, but I would want to get this in schools. It needs to be something that would capture older kids, but still be approachable to younger ones. Easy right?



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