I was talking to a friend last night about free lance fiction writing and he asked me which genre(s) I considered to be my strongest. I replied that I didn’t know for sure and that I intended to make this a year of stretching my wings. He said that was a pretty savvy idea and was similar to the concept of what journalists did. They developed a clipbook of works so that they could display their wares.

To that end I’m gonna make a list of what I’ve done to date and the genre(s) that I consider them to fall into and some key words.

The Battle of Wildspitze – 10k word Manapunk story (fantasy/alt history)
The Behemoth – 8k word Steampunk story (sci fi/alt history)
Power in the Blood – Horror (body horror/possession/vampirism)
Fetch – Supernatural thriller (demons, Christian themed)
Vicious Cycle – Sci fi short story (bleak future, dystopian)
Piercing the Veil – Sci fi flash fiction (bright future)
Old Friends – Urban fantasy short story (werewolves, vampires, light hearted)
X Marks the Spot – Sci fi short story (YA/Middle grades)
Music Box – Fantasy short story (ghosts, eerie, light, positive)
Bitter Release – Fantasy short story (ghosts, dark, moody)
Archangel – Supernatural thriller novels (adventure, action, suspense, urban fantasy?, demons)
Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands – Sci fi novel (space opera?, adventure, whodunit/mystery, YA/Middle Grades) Coming Soon!
The Good Doctor – Fantasy/Horror short story (Werewolves, Western, Modern fantasy?)
Changes – Horror short story (Coming of age, Werewolves, Western, Modern fantasy?)
A Good Samaritan – Horror short sotry (zombie, dark, strong female lead, action)
The Grim Reader – Horror short/flash fiction (Dark horror/fantasy, black humor)
Operation Banshee – Manapunk 8k word story (fantasy, faeire, romance, action) WIP
Bobby and His Dragon – Fantasy short story (magical realism, Middle Grades fiction)
Truth is No Stranger to Fiction – Horror/sci fi short story (dark humor) Currently Unavailable
The Last Poker Game – Fantasy short story (modern fantasy, Gaiman-ish) Currently Unavailable
Lucky is a Lady – Sci fi novel (Adventure, space opera) WIP
A Liquid Diet – Urban fantasy (action, mystery, “vampires”) WIP

I think that’s about it. So I need to decide where to aim next. Suggestions? Things you’d like to see me do?


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